Sponsorship Opportunities

Bench Sponsorship

Most benches in the Botanic Park are sponsored. Please inquire with the office if you are interested and we will look into availability. There are five benches in the Amphitheater in the Children’s Garden available for sponsorship at $5,000 each. A brass plaque with your name and a message will be placed on the bench for ten years.

Annual Garden Sponsorships

Annual garden sponsorships cover the maintenance of a specific garden for one season. The garden you choose will have a sign with your sentiment of choice. The cost is $1,000 per year and includes annual membership. You may also sponsor a garden with your time. Please contact the office for more details and to learn which gardens are available.

Tree and Shrub Sponsorships

Tree and shrub sponsorships are available for the existing trees and shrubs at the Park and are meaningful contributions for memorials and honorariums. The cost varies from $300 – $2,000 depending on the size of the plant. A small (3” x 1.5”) tag is placed on the tree or shrub for the life of the tree with your sentiment of choice. Call to schedule an appointment to help you pick the perfect tree or shrub.

Corporate Sponsorship

The Botanic Park loves to work with local businesses to help grow the Park and in return, provide exposure to the tens of thousands of visitors to the Park each year. Additional giving opportunities are available for corporate sponsors to sponsor a program or event including the Fairy Garden House Contest and Passport Through the Botanic Park.

An Endowment Fund has been established at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. If you are interested in contributing to the long-term sustainability of the Park, please contact Jennifer MacNeil, Executive Director. There is also a Capital Development fund used only to upgrade or redesign gardens and to provide support for capital improvement for the Park.

Passport Through the Botanic Park Sponsorship

The Yampa River Botanic Park is hosting its annual gala, Passport Through the Botanic Park on July 20, 2024.  The event invites guests to journey through the gardens exploring the plant collections that are native to Colorado and similar environments worldwide while enjoying global cuisine, wine, and entertainment.  Stations will be set throughout the gardens that pair learning opportunities with food and wine.  Musicians perform delighting patrons as they relish in their adventure.

For more information about giving opportunities, please call Jennifer MacNeil, Executive Director at 970-846-5172.