Plants in the Park

Plants Shown by Garden

We are working on displaying the individual plants in each garden. That is a very long process, so be patient. The images are not always as clear as we would like, but they will improve. The links below will take you to the individual gardens, showing you each of the plants that have been labeled. Many gardens have plants with no labels, and, for the most part, those are not included. Anyone who would like to help compile lists or take photographs is more than welcome. Just let us know.

Native Plants

This section was created to house images of the manual that Karen Vail and the Botanic Park compiled in 1999. The links are below, listed alphabetically.

A Listing of Native Plants by Gardens

You can find a listing of Native Plants and Their Gardens in this link. They are only the native plants, so there are a great many plants that don't show up. This list probably contains all sorts of errors and is several years old, but at least it is a start.

Under Construction